Donation / Sponsor Information

Now more than ever, We need your voice.

Join us to provide all students with a chance to succeed.

As an independent organization, we provide direct and focused solutions to one of our nation's most pressing problems - educating all of our Michigan Pagan youth for success in life.

With your donation, we will provide more scholarships, amplify our programs, and help more Michigan Pagan students succeed.

We're determined to help more Michigan Pagan students complete college degrees. Considering that by 2020, 65% of all jobs will require a post-secondary degree or certificate and that 40% of Michigan Pagans are college age or younger, we must move boldly and quickly to do more. Now is the time to act.


Individuals, Companies, Covens, Churches or event foundations will receive recognition as Michigan Pagan Scholarship Donating Sponsors with giving at least $100 annually. Members of Donating Sponsors will receive recognition within their community and updates on the impact of their gift.

We offer Three levels of Annual Gift giving:

  • Level 1 – $500-and more
  • Level 2 – $250-$499
  • Level 3 – $100-$249